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Personal Profile

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Steve started his oilfield career in 1978 as a work-over rig hand in Oil City, Pa. His attraction to the oil business led him to earn a Petroleum Engineering degree from Marietta College in 1984. He was recruited by Mitchell Energy in Houston and the Houston area has been his home ever since.


He has worked for Halliburton, Bargo Energy, Mission Resources, and was a Vice President of Operations – Business Development for Weatherford. At Weatherford, he developed and implemented Weatherford’s Global Gas Well Deliquification Campaign.


He has since held the position of Chief Operating Officer for T-REX Engineering and Construction Company. Steve was a contributing author on the Gas Well Deliquification Text Book and has presented numerous technical papers including his latest on the Gas Pump System.


He is a partner in the award of a Gas Pump patent and has a patent pending for the Belleville Spring Conventional Gas Injection Valve.

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