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ELC Energy Products

Delivering Innovative, Reliable Solutions for Improved Gas Lift Operations

Focused on the rigorous control of critical production components

All of ELC Energy’s products go through extensive quality control during their assembly in their Houston-based manufacturing facility. With extensive experience in artificial-lift manufacturing, the team is able to enforce strict quality standards and individual-component traceability while leveraging qualified outsourced machine parts.

Straight on Valves 5-26-22.JPG

Z Series High Pressure IPO Gas Lift Valve

Proven inverted bellows design eliminates squirm resulting in increased life cycle.

Gas Pump on Rack 6-26-22_edited.jpg

Gas Pump Artificial Lift System 

Artificial lift pump that uses a high-pressure gas displacement pump to eliminate rod pump wear and tear and gas lock in deviated and/gassy wells. 

BSCGIV 1333x750.jpg

This innovative system provides complete control over each injection point,  prevents valve damage, and offers the highest possible gas injection at the precise point it’s needed.

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