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 Gas Pump Artificial Lift System

Gas Pump artificial lift provides all the benefits of rod lift while pumping from deeper depths without the inherent deficiencies of rod pumping. It eliminates rod and tubing wear, rod breaks, and gas locking issues. You can use this system more effectively in deviated and gaseous wells without the breakdowns all too common to rod lift.

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A Simple Solution


Rather than developing a complex solution to lower operating costs, ELC Energy took a straight-forward approach and created a simple solution that replaces reciprocating rod pumped applications with a positive displacement system that leverages existing gas lift infrastructure using surface controlled high-pressure gas instead. Because gas pump systems use gas to displace produced fluids, the gas pump system will never gas lock.

The system uses only a few components to drive fluids to the surface — an onsite gas compressor, a surface control skid, an accumulation chamber with two standing valves, a gas vent valve and injection valve, and a high-pressure gas line and hydraulic line.


The Gas Pump system’s straightforward design prevents gas lock, eliminates rod failures, and prevents holes in the tubing due to rod wear of conventional rod lift systems, or it can greatly enhance injection gas efficiency of current gas lift applications.  It has a simple design, is simple to install, is simple to operate, and most importantly, it is simple to maintain.


It is simple ingenuity!

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