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Full Control

BSCGIV Gas Lift Valve

ELC Energy provides a new, affordable, and reliable surface-controlled gas-lift valve to the industry offering several features that are an advantage over currently deployed gas-lift technology.

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System does not use a bellows

A rugged Belleville spring replaces traditional bellows. A Belleville spring is a rugged mechanical spring constructed from convex washers designed to handle large force loads. There is nothing to rupture in these reliable, long-lasting valves.

Surface control of gas injection at all stations
The adjustable on-board mechanical recoil force provided by the Belleville washer spring in each valve and the offsetting hydraulic pressure in the control line independently governs whether the valve is open at the station, or not. The system is designed with significant hydraulic actuation pressure dead bands enabling definitive “on/off” control of injection between each gas lift station.

Valves stay tightly closed during operation — no chatter
The system is designed to have a minimum of 100 lbs. force holding its ball-pean valve on seat prior to hydraulic opening actuation.  Maximum forces can exceed 1,000 lbs.  The valve is tightly closed until it is intentionally hydraulically opened because of its rugged Belleville spring on-board recoil force.

No injection point fluctuations due to casing pressure changes

System valves are forcibly closed by their on-board Belleville springs until they are hydraulically opened.  Valves function won’t fluctuate with casing  pressure changes because BSCGIV valves operate resultant to hydraulic control line pressure. You control the exact point when each valve opens and closes.

System is designed and constructed with industry-known reliable mechanical components. The simplicity of its design and its ruggedness make it an affordable alternative to any other currently available surface-controlled gas-lift system on the market.


View the video to see how easily the valve is adjusted for precision operation and how changing the tubing pressure as virtually no effect on performance.

Most, if not all, current gas valves use on-board bellows provided recoil forces to hold their normally closed valve peans on their seats. Furthermore, most, if not all, currently deployed gas lift valves rely on injection pressure government to open, close, and transfer between lift station in application. In the newer higher pressure gas lift applications, historically deployed gas-lift valves are inadequately designed to handle these and other “harsh” conditions into which they are deployed.
The ELC BSCGIV™ valve uses a mechanical on-board Belleville spring to hold the normally closed valve pean on its seat. The valve is specifically designed to be daisy-chained together with other valves and be operated by a single hydraulic control line from the surface.  


The operator has complete control over his injection point and doesn’t sacrifice any injection pressure as he transfers between downhole stations.  This innovative system prevents valve damage and offers the highest possible gas injection at the precise point it’s needed.


•    1.0" OD 
•    On-board Belleville Spring with adjustable recoil force
•    Normally closed 
•    Operated from surface by single hydraulic control line
•    Injection point independently governed by surface controller
•    Available with high pressure check valve rated to 10KSI
•    Available with orifice sizes available from .156" to .625”

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