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ELCZ Series

Fortress™ High Pressure IPO Gas Lift Valve 

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ELC Energy has created a gas lift valve that eliminates the high differential pressures and bellows squirm and instability that ultimately leads to shortened valve run life. The ELCZ series Fortress™ valve uses nitrogen to compress the bellows rather than extending it. This virtually eliminates bellows squirm, which significantly increases the cycle life of the valve.

The Fortress Valve

Most typical gas valves do not protect the bellows from hydrostatic pressure. A few rely on a seal to trap incompressible fluids. However, the hydraulic protection is not 100% effective because nitrogen can bleed into the solution increasing compressibility and small deviations can create gas gaps in the fluid chamber.


The ELCZ Fortress™ valve uses a mechanical seal to eliminate the need for incompressible fluids for a seal and completely blocks high annular pressure mechanically from contacting the bellows. This innovative system prevents damage from high hydrostatic pressure and eliminates bellows squirm to extend the bellows run life.


  • Available in 1.0" and 1.5" OD for both tubing and wireline retrievable applications

  • Integral high flow, high pressure check valve rated to 10KSI @ 300F

  • High pressure valve core rated for 4000 psi with triple redundant elastomeric and metal to metal sealing tail plug

  • Increased dome pressure rating 2800psi

  • Temperature rating 300F

  • Valve orifice sizes available from .156" to .625”

  • Teflon backup rings on all critical O-ring seals

  • High quality pre-crimped 3 ply Monel 400 or Inc 625 bellows

  • Bellows pre-crimping provides uniform and distortion free bellows shape

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